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Harvest New Location-25.jpg

Harvest was born out of a need for a sustainably sourced restaurant business model to nutritiously feed healthy foods to citizens of Nova Scotia. A business model that allows for an environmentally focused supply chain to sustainably support itself in commerce and cause no harmful by-products to our environment. 

We pride ourselves on connecting our community and the interest and global values of our customers; healthy locally harvested items, our coastal farmed produce and local sourced farm-to-table food. Our portable HARVEST production facility is a highly engineered vertical production environment that is custom built for a wide variety of crops we serve daily to our customers in the form of nutritious salads, power bowls, nourishing smoothies and sandwiches. 

Our farm, we HARVEST for the community to experience.

 Eat Well Sustainably 

Like you, we are playing the long game by investing in the health & wellbeing of our planet and it shows in each of our core Harvest menu items. 


 The Farm 

A true “For Us By Us” supporting a real time farm-to-table menu


 Walking The Walk 

We grow fresh produce 12-months a year. It’s not an act, it’s a fact. Our in-door Hydroponic Farm lives next-door.


 The Spot 

Our restaurants are designed to live well in, work well in & drink well in. Harvest is always a place to find comfort & community


 Giving Back 12-Months A Year 

In 2020 our community needed us the most and we answered the call with free meals for those in need across Nova Scotia. We proudly support our community through various initiative such as Feed Nova Scotia and our own charity home delivery network. 


 Play Hard For Each Other 

Above all, we’re a team. That means we show up for each other, act with empathy and bring our authentic selves to Harvest each day. We are growing this company collectively with our Team Members. 

 Make it Better, Today 

Our team slices, dices, spices + roasts whole veggies and fruits every day. Even our dressings are homemade. Like you, we’re hungry, passionate and love tough problems and new challenges.