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We are looking for qualified applicants who are interested in joining the Harvest team and building a successful business franchise. Perhaps you are a young and eager business leader looking for a new opportunity, an experienced restaurant operator or outstanding member of your community. We work with all types of eager individuals who would like to learn more about the Harvest brand. 


From our end, we provide you with the tools, people and road map you need to open your doors to your community and investment options are available for all individuals. 


In 2020 we embarked on a journey to provide fresh produce 12-months a year. In essence, a true farm-to-table business model. We are proud to have achieved this in less than one year and have reached an opportunity to expand our vision across Atlantic Canada.


We are the first restaurant brand to achieve this success metric and in an ever-changing restaurant industry and global landscape we see authentic farm-to-table business models as the way of the future. These positive changes in our industry are part of the reason we’re increasing our door count in 2021 and invite you to learn more by contacting us below.

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